Computers were supposed to be a revolution and they’re not. The micro computer revolution was radically political. This dream has been eaten away by libertarianism and venture capital. I want to bring that back to life in whatever little way I can. I want to see more access and less walled gardens. We have the opportunity to get some of those things back but we have to try. We have to care about it to do so.

The work I do is based in personal need and access. My projects started as executive function aides. I believe any unncessary cognitive load is intrinsicly ablist. Your comfort and enjoyment in the work deserves to be ahead of capitalist priorities. People deserve the tools they want. There’s necessarily some that have yet to be developed, but for the tech that already exists they’re often unaffordable. I strive to make open source soutions more widely available by bridging the gap towards application. This requires making the research more usable or understandable so that more indiviudals can apply these solutions.

My career in tech spans twelve years, though my dabbling starts in my youth with Microsoft DOS 4.0 and Debian 3.0 Woody Linux in 2003. I started working in Rails in 2010 and I’ve contributed minor improvements to Rails and other parts of the Ruby ecosystem. I have enjoyed solving open bugs as practice. I’ve been an AWS user since it was in beta, and spent a five year tenure at Google.